South Asia Buddha Dharma Study

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South Asia Buddha Dharma Study group discussion is started with brief introduction about facilitators of the Ven. Ru Ji and Ven. Ru Hong and other members. They gave a brief introduction about BLIA and Venerable Master Hsing Yun in spreading Dhamma, peace and love to all human and living beings.
The members started reading voluntarily the paragraphs of Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems from Book1 with enthusiastically. The discussion is moved on to discuss about the core of the Buddhist faith, Triple Gems – Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. Members recollected three important conditions, which was mentioned in the theme by Venerable Master Hsing Yun to attain liberation. Many members shared their life experience like sharing knowledge and wholesome thoughts and actions, making a person more kind, compassionate about taking refuge in the Buddha is like building a power station in one’s mind. Also taking refuge in Buddha is helping to everyone to identify the weakness of each individual like anger and greed, fear etc.,
Ven. Ru Hong explained the importance of Samadhi, Sheela and Panya. Many members share their life experience about transformation and better way of life through Buddhism in family, society and work environment. The tolerance, calmness, preventing anger and stable in difficult situation was developed in a positive way to accommodate others view and action.
Members started discussing about Dhamma is like water that nourishes all beings and shared their events from their family and workplace to get the opportunity to serve and address grievances in the organization, common man in society and family members. Doing the official duty without bending or deviating from moral and ethical way in any form of pressure and directions. Dhamma gave the energy to serve more and more people and area with kind heart and transparent way in making decisions.
The members appreciated the Chinese saying like “There is Dhamma and There is a way” and discussed about the life transformation like courage to face issues strongly after attending FGS training. The Dhamma gives the will power to serve in COVID pandemic situation to the public along with medical staff and communities. Dhamma gives confidence to face difficult times like lost close relatives, unemployment and lost job and bring more positivity in life.
The members had discussed about role of Dhamma to overcome defilements arise in one’s mind. Recollected the service extended to relieve the affected people from Tsunami, Covid with the help of Head Quarters.
The importance of Sangha and to know & follow the Buddha’s Dharma with the guidance or instruction of Sangha is discussed. Sangha is helped to differentiate and identify wrong thoughts from right thoughts, guiding towards brightness from darkness. Sangha is the spiritual family, passing the Dhamma from one generation to another generation through Teachers in a committed way.
Discussion is continued further on finding safety from adversity through the power of contemplating the Triple Gem even when not in their presence, importance of spiritual treasure than worldly treasure, truly taking refuge in Triple Gem and its true meaning of taking refuge in the Triple Gem. Interestingly the youngest member from FGS Training School, Bodh Gaya has voluntarily shared her view about the benefits of taking refuge in Triple Gem. The best practice of their Bodh Gaya school to understand Triple Gem through stories and sharing the events in social media has showed the new way to others to utilize effectively modern communication and media to propagate Dhamma to all over the world.
Finally Ven. Ru Hong and Ven. Ru Ji had prayed for the flood affected people of Chennai and Tamilnadu along with members and shared merits to all. Overall the discussion is very interactive and members from various chapters participated actively. Discussion is elevated to next higher level by sharing their life experience.