Eighty Eight Buddhas Repentance Prayer

In our daily lives, our body, speech and mind had unknowingly committed many mistakes without us realising it. When our minds are filled with defilements, we will need to cleanse it with the Dharma waters, so that our minds will be pure again, in order to achieve a meaningful life. We are not afraid of ignorance, but we are afraid that our awareness arrives too late. How does repentance help us, what is its function?

First, repentance is the awareness of knowing our unwholesome doings.

Second, repentance is the method to get rid of evil and direct ourselves towards goodness.

Third, repentance is the power to purify our body and minds.

Our temple will be reciting the Eighty Eight Buddhas Repentance Prayer every fourth week of the month. Repentance is like medicinal herbs that can treat our vexations and illness. Repentance is like a source of light, that pierces through darkness.