Fo Guang Culture and Education College

To integrate Buddhism into life and to enhance the quality of life is the objective of “Humanistic Buddhism” at Fo Guang Shan. On this context, Grand Master Ven Hsing Yun advocates that “Buddhism is education”, to teach people with Buddha’s original wisdom, to cultivate Buddhist talents, and to continue the Buddha’s wisdom, so that Buddhism can become the gas station for life and a spiritual supply station. The college was established for the general public to learn Dharma and cultivate merits.

In recent years, many Buddhist Colleges were established by the overseas and domestic branches of Fo Guang Shan, offering short-term Buddhist training courses mainly on weekends, so that modern people can have a quiet environment to relieve the stress caused by their busy work, and to enhance their spiritual cultivation through Buddhist training. It is also an opportunity for young people who want to go deeper into Buddhism and to experience the monastic life in the city.

The twelve-week course at Fo Guang Shan’s Overseas and Domestic School provides an introduction to Buddhism, selected classical texts, Buddhist rituals, chanting, Sounds of the Human World, meditation and purification practice, tea and chan meditation, and monastery visits, etc. The course is designed to help students to experience the simple and uncomplicated Buddhist monastic life without external influences.

The Fo Guang Shan Youth colleges are established in many countries. The youth could learn the wisdom of compassion and wisdom, and develop a sound personality, and be able to find the value of life.